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BOM_Imploder facilitates moving BOM information from OmniGlyph/Circad drawings into Parts&Vendors.

This program does not require installation - just download and run it.


The program is very easy to use,

1) Update the heading information for the Unique Part Number column (Bottom left of window).
OmniGlyph 5.4e allows you to enter the component parameter names -- I use AE2F P/N, before that I used Price.
2) If you want an "Item Num" column added, check the "Add Item Num" box.
Item numbering begins at "2" because the PCB is always item 1.
3) Browse to the "File to Implode" by hitting the green Browse button and selecting a file.
4) Press the green Implode button.

BomImploder remembers your selections.

To reverse the process press "Explode Back to Original" to update the original .CSV file, or press "Explode" to create a new ...-Exploded.csv file.

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